What’s love got to do with


LOVE is just not what it used to be…
This artwork tells the secret behind “love” inspired by the o so famous “Love Letters” this 1 by 1 square meter of 3D artwork tells you the story behind love nowadays. Love is not about loving others anymore, it is about getting what you want… getting what you think you need… it could be anything… it could be name, it could be money, it could be fame, it could be lust but underneath all that materialistic satisfaction.. we long for the not materialistic things,
we just want to be seen, we just want to heard, we just want people to see our soul, pain or thoughts
inside this artwork the letters of love are formed by the words satisfy me but in between those words there’s a hidden secret for you to find out 24 karat of Gold Leaf and 75 carats of crushed Gassan diamonds, gold paint, glow in the dark and liquid gloss makes this piece of art a work you will be craving for