Fez is an artist who mainly expresses her creativity in luxurious pop art and modern contemporary art. In addition to her studies Art, Marketing and Philosophy, Fez has studied the various facets of the human character. Every work of art has a story and expresses that in a unique way. In her artworks she uses real crushed diamonds® and gold leaf. Gemstones and diamonds also adorn various pieces.

Her “canvas” can vary from linen to aluminum and she is not limited to 1 technique. She uses both conventional and unconventional materials in the various works of art and sculptures. In a creative way she brings her fascination for the hidden elements of human character to life in her art. All the artworks are like different chapters of the same book. Between the layers of epoxy, paint, gemstones, glass and metal she creates a (sur)realistic story of lust, tradition and self-reflection. Gold and diamonds speak a universal language.

 Gaining knowledge about the materials she works with is a precondition for Fez, but culture and traditions also play an important role in her creations. There lies the soul of a work of art. Raised in the Netherlands, but with “roots” that lie on 3 different continents, the world is her playground where she finds inspiration. Her artworks are therefore appreciated by royals and art lovers all over the world, her works are exhibited (in galleries at various locations) worldwide