The 5 Elements – ごだい or “Godai”

A series of 4 artworks representing  The “Five Elements”. Each element is a description of one phase of constant movement. Each phase maintains a relative kinetic balance with the rest. The 5 Elements are continually evolving and changing within you, and some elements become stronger and more dominant at different stages in life.
Water – flow, change, emotion, adaptability
Earth – foundation, being acted upon, stability, stubbornness
Fire – creativity, motivation, passion, intensity, desire
Air – represents growth, open-mindedness, wisdom, freedom

(Void – is the 5th element
and represents human spirit, everything, nothing, absence)


Unique Pieces 100 x 150 (set price upon request these artworks can be customized just for you)

Materials used

Acryl on canvas, gold Leaf (24 ct),
crushed, rough diamonds in various stages
Various gemstones, minerals and pearls

Is your favorite artwork too big/too small? Maybe in a different color? Is it sold out and you want something similar? Commission Work is available an artwork customized just for you.

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