This artwork features an expressive portrait where the artist has utilized a mix of paint and texture techniques to create a dynamic and vibrant appearance. Unique materials such as gold leaf (24 and 23.75 karats), 24-karat gold paint, platinum leaf, rhodium leaf, bronze flakes, gilded flakes, diamond dust, and both raw and crushed diamonds are incorporated into the artwork. These high-quality materials lend a luxurious and sparkling dimension to the piece.
The artwork is part of a limited series of 10 pieces, with each piece being unique and potentially varying in details. This uniqueness is achieved through the use of spontaneous paint flows and various techniques, allowing the paint to chart its own journey across the canvas.

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Every artpiece is unique and handcrafted by Fez.


160x120x4 cm (47.5x63x1.6 inches)

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