PacPunk (NFT available)

Started as a pioneer in 1980 and taking a whole generation kicking and screaming into the world of Gaming. Nowadays life has become a game of choices, what route do we take, or do we take risks (to run into ghosts) to get what we want , be it love, lust, luxury or cryptocoins…

Luckily enough  this Pacpunk has 3 lifes, dripped in 24ct goldleaf and resin, the Rolex logo has 5 cut and polished clear diamonds in it. The Ghosts are doing what they do best, counting the days in their ghostpit to come out and haunt you.

If you purchase this artwork you will get the matching NFT for free


101 X 101 X 3.5 Cm (8KG)

Materials used

Compound material

Acrylic paint

Resin/Liquid Gloss

24 ct Goldleaf

Cut and polished diamonds

Is your favorite artwork too big/too small? Maybe in a different color? Is it sold out and you want something similar? Commission Work is available an artwork customized just for you.

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